Playful aesthetics

KNITwear with an attitude // Colour manifest // Reminiscent Vibes // ICONIC symbols

A guiding Mo Reen design principle is that the knitwear should get all the attention! A strong visual presence is attained by creating:

  • References to icons of the past to stir a nostalgic smile
  • Eye catching, playful, artistic symbols and graphics
  • Combination of colours in a wonderful union or contrast
  • Respect for the uniqueness of colour and manifesting it’s brilliance

This design ethos gives each item an attitude - making it a new favorite piece; a companion in every wear.

Cruise through Mo Reen’s first collection, get to know the design and shop your fav style.

Comfortable and cosy

knit knit knit // skin caressing materials // natural fibers in harmony // Cool But warm // soft YET LiGht // all year essentials

A guiding Mo Reen principle for sourcing of raw materials is that knitwear should be comfortable and cosy. This is attained by selecting:

  • High quality yarns sourced from recognised spinners
  • Well-fitting cuts and features
  • Designs that amplify the inherent breathability, flexibility and thermal qualities of natural fibres

This material ethos, complemented by the sole use of yarns with a skin caressing quality will ensure each Mo Reen garment becomes an everyday wearable.

Read more about the Mo Reen yarn choices and the indivudual yarn traits

Operational Principle
Responsible Impact

Get closer // Slow DOWN // REDUCE NEGATIVE IMPACT // educate to alternate

Acting responsibly as a business is a Mo Reen guiding principle. It’s good for both business and for humanity. We work to attain this by: 

  • Minimizing the carbon footprint of our production
  • Selecting well established and certified suppliers and responsibly sourced yarns
  • Supporting and accelerating the slow fashion ideology with a focus on fewer drops annually, limited number of styles and avoiding overstock
  • High quality materials and production values to ensure the longevity of our garments. The result is knitwear that can be enjoyed for years
  • Informing and encouraging our customers on how to care for their knitwear so they can keep each piece for a life-time 

Mo Reen is committed to having a responsible impact on both the planet and the industry. We are just starting on this exciting journey and acknowledge there’s a long way to go.

We are confident Mo Reen’s business decisions, along with all those committed to responsible fashion, can bring lasting change.